Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

1. My phone was lost or stolen, what do I do? [more info]

Contact us immediately...

1. ... so that we can prevent anyone from making or receiving calls on your phone. This will help to prevent any charges on your account.

o Pay Monthly: ring 1907 (from your mobile) or 1800 22 55 88 (from you landline)

o Prepay: ring 1747 (from your mobile) or 1850 20 40 20 (from your landline)

o Business: ring 1907 (from your mobile or landline)

If you have insurance with us, we'll make sure a claim form is sent to you straight away and advise you what to do next.

2. Report the theft to the police. You'll need to get the claim form stamped by the Gardaí if you're going to make an insurance claim.

2. How do I use call waiting and call hold? [more info]

What are they?

Call waiting alerts you to incoming calls when you're already on a call by emitting a soft beep.
Call hold lets you put the current call on hold while you answer or make another call.
Both services are free of charge.

How do I turn them on or off?

Key in the following codes and press call on your mobile to switch call waiting or call hold on or off.

- Activate: *43#

- Deactivate: #43#

How do I use it?

Once call waiting alerts you to an incoming call, you can put your current call on hold while you answer it.
You can also put a call on hold while you dial a new number, and then switch between the two calls.

- To put a call on hold: dial 2 and press send

- To put a call on hold and make a new call: dial 2, then dial the second number and press send

- To switch between two calls: dial 2 and press send

- To disconnect from one call and return to a call on hold: dial 1 and press send

- To release the final call on hold: dial 0 and press send

3. How do I unblock my phone so I can use it on another network? [more info]

If you want to put a SIM card from another network into your mobile, you may need to unlock your phone using its NAC (network access code).

How to unlock your phone:

Step 1: Check if your mobile is locked. Try a SIM card from another network in your phone. If your phone still works, then it isn't locked and you don't need the NAC.
Step 2: Get your NAC. You can get your NAC online in My Vodafone. Be sure to read the instructions about using your NAC.
Step 3: Insert the NAC in your mobile. Be sure your Vodafone SIM card is in your mobile when you unlock it. View handset specific instructions about inserting the NAC in your phone.

4. Am I eligible to upgrade my phone? [more info]

You can upgrade at anytime!

If you are on a Pay as you go price plan, you can upgrade at anytime!

Ready for a new phone?!

Have a look at our full range of pay as you go phones here.

5. I need my PUK code - I entered the wrong pin [more info]

If you enter your PIN code incorrectly 3 times, your phone will be blocked and you will need your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) to unlock it.

How to get your PUK code

Over the phone

Follow these steps if you're on a Pay as you go price plan:

1. Dial 1747

2. From the main menu, press '2' for Services and Settings

3. From this menu, press '1' for the PUK menu

4. To get your PUK, press '1'

5. For your unblocking information press '2'

6. If you have a Nokia phone choose option 1 to get the unblocking instructions

6. Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Vodafone? [more info]


When you buy a phone online (or in a store) with Vodafone, you can keep your current number, regardless of whether you're a Pay as you go or Bill pay customer. And if you're Pay as you go, you don't even have to buy a new phone - you can get a free SIM card, keep your number, and get up to €50 free call credit.

7. How to stop receiving text messages from 5XXXX numbers [more info]

Easy! Just text the word STOP!

To unsubscribe from a Premium Rate SMS Service, text the word STOP to the 5XXXXyou want to stop receiving.

You should be unsubscribed within 24 to 48 hours, and will no longer be charged for these services.

8. How long is top up credit valid? [more info]

It depends.

When you top up, you can make calls for 6 months and receive calls for 12 months.

The details

Once you top up, all previous credit (unless it has expired) then becomes valid. After 12 months, your credit expires.

- For example, if you go 9 months without topping up and have €5.00 credit left, you won't be able to make calls.

- But if you then top up by €10.00, all €15.00 of your credit will be available for making calls over the next 6 months.

9. How do I bar or unbar calls? [more info]

What is call barring?

Call barring lets you control which types of calls your phone will accept, such as:

- All outgoing calls

- Outgoing international calls made to numbers outside Ireland

- All incoming calls when you're roaming

- All incoming

- Incoming calls while roaming

How do I activate/deactivate call barring?

Call barring is activated by a password - this is pre-set to 0000, but you can change it if you wish.

- To bar outgoing international calls: dial *332* 0000 #

- To bar all incoming calls when roaming: dial *352* 0000 #

- To deactivate call barring: dial #330* 0000 #

To change your password

Dial the following codes all in one go - then press send:

- *03*330*

- 0000* (or the four digits of your personalised password if you want to change it again)

- New password *

- New password #

10. How do I divert (or forward) my calls to a different number? [more info]

What are call diverts?

Call Diverts allows you to redirect your calls to your voicemail or any number in the Republic of Ireland. (You can't divert to international numbers.)

How much do diverts cost?

Diverting to your voicemail is free. The charge for diverting a call to any other number in the Republic of Ireland is:

- Pay as you go: 15c

- Bill pay: 16c (Diverted calls are not included in your inclusive minutes.)

How do I set up call diverts?

Online - The easiest way to set up your diverts is in the My Mobile section of My Vodafone.
On your mobile - You can also use codes on your mobile to set up diverts. If you want to divert to your voicemail, use your mailbox number. Your mailbox number is your mobile phone prefix followed by the number 5, then the rest of your mobile number. For example, if your mobile number is 0872254661,then your mailbox number is 08752254661.

Codes for activating diverts:

- Phone switched off/out of coverage (not reachable)**62*(number to divert to)#

- Phone busy (busy/no connect)**67*(number to divert to)#

- Phone not answered (no reply)**61*(number to divert to)#

- At all times (unconditional)**21*(number to divert to)#

Codes for deactivating diverts:

- All calls ##21#

- Not answered ##61#

- Mobile turned off ##62#

- Mobile is busy ##67#

You can also have these codes sent to your mobile by texting the word 'divert' to 51745.

Changing your ring time before a call diverts

You can change your ringing time on your phone from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds (20 seconds in the default).
On your mobile:

1. Type **61*(number to divert to)**(ringing duration in seconds)#
2. Press Call or Send.

For example, if you wanted to divert to 0871234567 after 30 seconds (the maximum time) you would key in **61*0871234567**30#.
To divert to your Voicemail for free you would divert to your mobile number with a 5 between the third and fourth digits. For example, **61*08751234567**30#.

11. My phone isn't working [more info]

If you're having trouble with your mobile there are a few things you can try before sending it for repair.

1. Switch off your mobile and then switch it back on again.

2. If you're Pay as you go, check that you have enough credit by typing *174# into your mobile to display your balance on the screen .

3. Remove the SIM card from the back of your mobile and wipe the metal side with a clean cloth put it into another Vodafone mobile and then try to use the same service. If the SIM card does work in the other mobile then your mobile may need to be repaired.

4. If you are still having trouble using your mobile please contact us, so that we can investigate this further for you.

12. How do I set up and use voicemail? [more info]

Voicemail is automatically set up for you. All you have to do now is activate your diverts. There are a few ways to activate these diverts:

1. Log on and change your diverts on My Vodafone

2. Enter a few network codes into your mobile phone.

Codes for activating diverts:

Divert type


Phone switched off/out of coverage (not reachable)

**62*(number to divert to)#

Phone busy (busy/no connect)

**67*(number to divert to)#

Phone not answered (no reply)

**61*(number to divert to)#

At all times (unconditional)

**21*(number to divert to)#

Codes for deactivating diverts

Divert type


All calls


Not answered


Mobile turned off


Mobile is busy


You can also have these codes sent to your mobile by texting the word 'divert' to 51745.

When listening to a Voicemail message, you can use these helpful codes:

- Press # to skip forward.

- Press 1 to rewind.

- Press 2 to pause/start.

- Press 3 to fast forward.

- Press 4 to replay.

- Press 5 for time and date.

- Press 6 for Instant Callback.

- Press 7 to delete a message.

- Press 9 to save a message.

- Press star (*) to return to main menu.

13. How do I get my voicemail messages and notifications? [more info]

You can choose from two different notification methods, voice call or text message. When abroad there are charges for receiving a voice call notification. However, using text message notification is still free. Change how your notified:

From your mobile

1. Dial 171

2. Press 5 for mailbox preferences

3. Press 1 for message notification

4. Select the desired notification method

If you're not in one of the countries that support 171 , follow this procedure to get your messages:

From another phone

1. Dial your mailbox number

2. Interrupt the greeting by pressing hash (#)

3. Enter your password followed by hash (#)

4. Press 5 for mailbox preferences

5. Press 1 message notification

6. Select the desired notification method

14. What is an app? [more info]

"App" is short for "application". An app is a small computer program that is generally linked to the web, so it can update itself with fresh or new data.

Some examples of apps include:

- Weather apps which broadcast up-to-date forecasts onto your phone

- Map apps which turn your phone into a GPS or Sat Nav device

- Facebook apps which allow you to update and view your Facebook page in a phone-friendly format

There are literally tens-of-thousands of other types of apps to choose from.

Apps are written for specific phone platforms - Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian or BlackBerry. All smartphones come with a pre-loaded link to the relevant app marketplace for that phone.

To view the options available for your device, just connect via your phone and get downloading!


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